Message from the President


Thank you for visiting us. Kisarazu KOSEN offers the young generation to mold the future of our country, in addition to holistic education, learning and research that can correspond to the current technological and scientific progress, along with well-rounded education which has balance between practice and theories. We are solid in raising the leading engineers with creativity and humanity who have international currency through the means of combining easy-to-understand classes and PBL (Project-Based Learning: mutually collaborative learning of the project theme:) including exercises, training and experiments, together with rich faculty including professors and associate professors.

The realization of youths’ dream in Kisarazu KOSEN

Institute of National Colleges of Technology (KOSEN) conducts education in engineering with the aim of training creative and practical engineers with expertise in the 5-year Regular Course (associate degree programs), in addition to the holistic education liberal arts such as Japanese, foreign languages, history, and legislation along with the fundamentals of natural science such as mathematics and physics so as to raise leading top engineers who dedicate themselves in science and technology for the future after graduation from junior high school. The Regular Course programs are divided into departments by specialty; general education and specialized education is combined effectively in the curricula of five consecutive years. We lay stress on experiments and practical training.

And graduates in the Advanced Course will be awarded a bachelor’s degree after the examination by the National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation through extending highly specialized education and researches of further two years in Advanced Course (for 7 consecutive years in total). You will be able to obtain the degree of Bachelor in Engineering in Kisarazu KOSEN, which is evaluated by the JABEE, which is the same as that obtained at the University, and which is guaranteed that meets the international university education standards,.

These uninterrupted five-year or seven-year education correspond to the education system anticipating the coordination of high school and college which has been proceeded just recently. It has been acclaimed as magnificently effective system out of the institutions concerning higher education such as universities in Japan. School graduates employment rate has been maintained as 100% as long as graduates from both Regular Course and Advanced Course are concerned, approximately half of the graduates have succeeded in being admitted into junior at universities and graduate schools.

More than 6900 graduates from Kisarazu KOSEN have gone to the world since its foundation in 1967, who had complete associate degree programs and bachelor’s degree programs, and have been engaged extensively in the industrial world and local communities. This is the fact we are immensely proud of.

In addition, the tuition and related fees of Kisarazu KOSEN are lower than those of other schools, since it belongs to the members of Institute of National Colleges of Technology; we could assume that this would be the most excellent in the cost performance as one of higher education institutions in Japan.

You can acquire a human force and technological and scientific skills for engineers in Kisarazu KOSEN

The Kisarazu KOSEN consists of Regular Course including 5 Departments (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Department of Control Engineering, Information and Computer Engineering, and Department of Civil Engineering), and Advanced Course including 3 Courses (Mechanical and Electrical Course, Control and Information Course, Civil Environmental Course) Each Department and Course offers distinctive programs.

We have a faculty of over 120 members in total, including more than 50 lecturers with doctoral degrees, more than 75 professors, associate professors, lecturers, assistant professors, and assistants with rich educational experience and the know-how, and more than 30 administrative and technical office workers, as well as part-time lecturers in specialized disciplines. Our staff is responsible for students’ daily life such as learning and club activities, and is engaged in the guidance to industry-academia collaborative activities, including the more advanced research activities and internships. Our policy of education consists of three pillars: the first is “character formation,” i.e., the development of humanity, the second is “acquisition of scientific and technological knowledge,” and the third is “mental and physical discipline” that is development of healthy mind and body. Under this education policy, our students are encouraged to devote themselves to academic activities such as classes and preparation and review, and submission of reports.

In Kisarazu KOSEN, you do not have to worry about preparation for college entrance examination during five-consecutive-year education, you can reinforce the ability of manufacturing, fundamentals and applications with learning of the general subjects and the specialized subjects which are well-balanced; the basic and applied skill in engineering and creativity to lead the era will be cultivated without difficulty. A period of 5 or 7 consecutive years enable you to tackle studying and extracurricular activities without being interrupted with college entrance examination like high school students. On the other hand, it might arise inertia if there was no immediate challenges during the period. Therefore, the appropriate challenges are assigned to our students in each semester, and we help them think about the future career, have a definite goal, manage their time with self-reliance, and we conduct guidance in lifestyle, education and research activities in order to let them lead a full life.

Our students are also actively involved in extracurricular activities such as sports and culture in addition to the day-to-day general subjects and specialized subjects. Participation in various kinds of out-of-school events such as College Sports Festival and College Robot Contest to be televised will exemplify the outcome of competition in these extra-curricular activities. You will also learn how to behave in collective action by engaging in various school events such as college festival, sports festival, and residential training.

Pursuing “establishment of individual” and “international competency” in Kisarazu KOSEN

One of the major features of education conducted in KOSEN in our country is a student dormitory. Student dormitory system that has been introduced in some universities in the United Kingdom and the United States of America, which is considered to be effective in progress of youths’ whole personality, “establishment of individual” to be independent personality and the “cooperation” with the others in communal life will fortify the essentials with leading the communal and educational life in a student dormitory in order to become strong-minded technical specialists and engineers successful at home and abroad.

Kisarazu KOSEN has Yuho-Ryo (boys’ dormitory) and Nanohana-Ryo (girls’ dormitory) for admittees from a remote location, and more than 360 students live together in the dormitories with responsibility in an atmosphere of the freedom while they train and demonstrate autonomy and sociality.

Furthermore, through the progressive approach to technical communication in English in Kisarazu KOSEN, based on agreements with foreign universities and institutions, you have opportunities to participate in training overseas, in such countries as Taiwan and Germany. Particularly with regard to Germany, as the first national college accredited in Japan, we are actively involved in the initiative of the Federal Foreign Office in Germany PASCH “Schulen: Partner der Zukunft” (School: Partner for the future), that expands the potential of every student through experience of international activities. In addition, we carry out practical education by assigning internship along with joint researches together with corporations as part of contribution to the society.

Kisarazu KOSEN Wants You!

Astonishing progress of computer and information technology (IT) has revolutionized the conventional world of science and technology into the one that is significantly different. One of the elements is globalization, which makes all information to spread worldwide easily. As far as education system of the KOSEN is concerned, the traditional practical education for engineers which was suited to the mass production system of the domestic industry and manufacturing has been changed gradually into the international education and research system to train the leading engineers who understand the world and communicate globally through basic English skills, and who tackle the task squarely to create a new industry.

Meanwhile, we are entering a new era when it is required not only to enhance education in natural science fields essential to science and technology such as mathematics and physics along with the specialized fields such as mechanics, electricity, and electronics which can be applied to innovation society, but also to conduct education and research “to approach the essence of materials and to foster creativity,” and to promote the comprehensive education and research including series of procedures from the planning stage to designing and manufacturing in cooperation with the society and the industry.

Kisarazu KOSEN, as a member of the Institute of National Colleges of Technology, to support all the students to realize their dreams and to meet the demands of the time, will assist all students fully. And ” KNCT Wants You!"

President, Doctor of Engineering, Kazuo Maeno (inaugurated in April 1, 2014)