Education in the Semi-Advanced Course
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical engineering has been much concerned with our industrial world. Nowadays, the advance in the fields of electronics and computer has changed the sphere of mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering must be interrelated with various other fields such as electronics, computer, materials, science, biotechnology and so on.
Students of the department study not only fundamental knowledge of mechanical engineering, but also electronics and computer engineering. The Department of Mechanical Engineering aims to train students to become creative engineers in more fields than ever. Therefore the experiments, practices, and graduation study are very important subjects in the curriculum.

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
The department provides a wide variety of subjects including electrical and electronic engineering, control, communications, materials, computers, measurements and energy engineering. The department offers energy and electronics courses. Each course is carefully structured to ensure that all students acquire the use of up-to-date techniques.

Department of Control Engineering
In modern societies, almost all systems from home appliances to aerospace equipment, from factory automation systems to other social systems, etc. are controlled by computers, and therefore computer-controlled technology is important. This department trains students to be engineers with the creativity to contribute to the development of future technologies. To achieve this objective, the students study four categories of subjects from fundamentals to applications: electronics, mechanical engineering, control engineering, and computer science. Our research themes have expanded widely through the years and now include intelligent robots, optical devices, antenna, communication and measurement control, vibration control, circuit analysis and simulation, strength and fracture of materials, and utilization of natural energy, etc.

Department of Information and Computer Engineering
The information-oriented society of today requires a large number of engineers who have sufficient knowledge and experience on computer and information science.
The department provides education in both computer hardware and software, including systematic programming, design and analysis of data structures and algorithms, computer architecture and networks, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, etc. The curriculum focuses on practice, experiments and graduation research for engineers to be able to solve problems by themselves and creatively.

Department of Civil Engineering
The curriculum of this department covers issues concerning urbanization and environmental problems as well as the traditional civil engineering.
Civil engineering has been contributing to the industrial development such as construction of bridges, roads and parks and to the enrichment of public facilities which are the basis of civil life. In the course of its development, however, more attention has begun to be paid to urban and environmental problems.
In response to such demand, this department sets its objective on the training of engineers who widely take account of the safety and maintenance of landscape and environment in constructing public facilities.

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