The Education Program of "General Engineering"
There is an NGO named JABEE(Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education), which was established to check and recognize the education programs for engineers in order to devote itself to development and keeping the level of engineers education high on the basement of the idea that the engineers can be accepted and be available in the world-wide stage.
The education program of General Engineering of Kisarazu National College of Technology was authorized by the Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education in May, 2006.
This authorization proves that our college is recognized to be one of the education institutes to foster engineers globally available.

Productive technology has become diversified. We need engineers who are capable of conceiving original approaches to technological problems and spanning complex field.
We have The Education Program named "General Engineering", the purpose of which is to bring up those engineers who have both multiple view and flexibility over the compound fields and have the fundamental grounding in their most confident fields of technology.
This program is applied for the four years from the fourth grade of the regular engineering course through the upper grade of the advanced engineering course, and all the departments are composed as one total educational program.

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