The Purpose of Learning and Education in the Advanced Course
In order to educate the students to be engineers highly talented at problem-solving and interdisciplinary study the following are required:
1) Ability at research and development to combine adjoining fields in technology
2) Fundamental ability to flexibly adapt globalization and the highlyinformation- oriented society
3) Competence to understand the accountability and social ethics of an engineer
The following four items are the practical objectives to establish the purpose mentioned above.

1. Humanity Formation
Engineers should be required to get a sound mind and body and to be well cultured so as to contribute to the society. The two concrete objectives are:
(1) To cultivate both mental and physical health and high quality humanity
(2) To understand the responsibility of engineers to affect nature and circumstance

2. Technology and Skill Acquirement
Engineers should understand the theories and principles in their major field and utilize them.The three concrete objectives are:
(1) To acquire logical ability on the basis of mathematics and natural sciences
(2) To obtain a deep knowledge and become highly skilled in their prominent major
(3) To have the faculty to respond to other fields and to combine them with their major
(4) To acquire practical skills through practice and experiments

3. Communicative Competence
Engineers should achieve the ability to express themselves in public to succeed in the modern information oriented society. The three concrete objectives are:
(1) To acquire the ability to adequately describe anything in their native language
(2) To acquire the ability to present, discuss, and debate
(3) To acquire a basic communicative competence in English

4. Creativity
Engineers must create new things on the basis of problem finding and solving. The concrete objective is: (1) To acquire the creativity to find and solve problems through theAdvanced Research and other educational opportunities

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