National Colleges of Technology (KOSEN) as higher educational institution

We conduct specialized education required to become engineers, and admittees will gain appropriate education to their qualities and goals from the first term. Students can acquire technical competence on the same level at the universities because specialized education and general education is combined efficiently during five consecutive year of education. The associate degree is given to the graduates from the colleges.

We conduct five consecutive year of education.

(1) Specialized education starts from the first year, and you will learn from the basics to advanced expertise for five years.
(2) Creativity to make things by yourself is nourished with more experiments and practices than those carried out at universities.
(3) We offer optional subjects according to students’ interests and choices of career at 4th and 5th grade.
(4) Graduate studies are assigned at the 5th grade in order to master one of the themes based on of the learning.
(5) You will learn general subjects necessary to be a successful engineer as well as specialized subjects during five years.