Fees and Costs for Dormitory

Dormitory fees and costs (per month)

Boarding fee (private room) ¥800
Boarding fee (double occupancy) ¥700
Food※1 approx. ¥32,000
College operating costs※2 approx. ¥8,400 (incl. air conditioner leasing fee)
Electricity charge for the air conditioning※3 ¥2,000 to ¥3,000
Membership fee ¥500

※1 Amount of the fee may be raised linking to prices.
※2 public service charges such as water charges and electricity charges, expenses for consumable items such as garbage bags designated by Kisarazu City are included.
※3 Electricity charge for air conditioning is calculated according to the electricity rates for each individual on the basis of the usage of electricity per each room, and is adjusted at the end of the academic year.