Philosophy in education

Our mission

We, in NITKC, under the spirit of the Fundamental Law of Education (1947 Law No. 25), according to the School Education Act (1947 Law No. 26), aim to provide students with expertise and to foster vocational ability. And we aim to provide students with further specialized knowledge and technology and to foster highly creative technical skills with high creativity after the Advanced Course.

Our educational policy

(1) Character formation However excellent the knowledge and skills are, it is not possible to demonstrate them properly without good character. Character forming is the most important of all. As a good person, they must be equipped with three characteristics, based on a wide range of liberal arts: the decisiveness to judge independently, the creativity to devise something new initiatively, the executive ability to practice what is considered as accurate in accord with their own judgment without submitting obstruction.
We, in NITKC, strive to nourish these capabilities.

(2) Acquisition of specialized knowledge on science and technology
Now we have entered upon the 21st century, science and technology developed unimaginably. We expect our students to cope with the development as engineers in leading position in the future; they must be contributory to further development.
To do this, it is necessary to understand theories and principles which are essential to learn technology in addition to the accomplishment of the latest technology.
We, in NITKC, strive to educate engineers in the extensive fields of engineering such as mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, electronic control engineering, information engineering, and civil engineering. And we hope them to acquire the latest achievements and principles as well as the essence of the science and technology which they specialize, so as to be involved in diverse activities through grappling initiatively with areas on the borderline between those subjects.

(3) Physical and mental discipline
It is necessary to cultivate a healthy body and mind in order to contribute to the society as a good technical expert in the future.
We, in NITKC, encourage students to participate in the extracurricular activities in addition to the curricula and endeavor to fortify the body and to cultivate deep sensibilities.

According the mission and education policy, as mentioned above, we aim academic and instructive goals in departments of Regular Course (for a period of 5 years) and Advanced Course respectively.

Admission policy in NITKC

Regular Course is oriented to those:
1. Students having interests in science and technology and are excellent at subjects such as mathematics and science.
2. Students being motivated to acquire innovative creativity and executive ability to carry out by considering initiatively and handling the situation decisively.
3. Students aspiring to leadership in a technological education in the future.

Advanced Course is oriented to those:
1. Students being equipped with the essential academic ability and knowledge on engineering in the field of technology which is specialized.
2. Students having an interest in a wide range of fields on engineering along with what was learned earlier.
3. Students being motivated to acquire the basic ability required to advance to extreme technological academics.
4. Students aware of social responsibility as engineer and willing to contribute to society in collaboration with others.

Our curricula

We offer curricula and educational programs, such as follows:

Regular Course
Regular Course in NITKC comprises five departments, i.e. Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Control Engineering, Information and Computer Engineering, and Civil Engineering, in which students can assimilate highly academic knowledge through education during five consecutive years and in which they attain the skills necessary to future career. All students in every department can take general subjects divided in two categories: Liberal Arts including Japanese, social studies, health and physical education, foreign languages; and Natural Science covering mathematics, physics, and chemistry (“Main Course” was the predecessor of this course.)

Advanced Course
NITKC has additional 2-year Advanced Courses as higher-grade courses after 5-year Regular Course (Mechanical and Electronic Course, Control and Information Course, Civil Engineering Course.) We aim to foster technical skills with high creativity on the basis of uninterrupted education of five years in Regular Course by providing highly specialized knowledge and technique.

Educational program “Industrial Systems Engineering”
An educational program referred to as “Industrial System Engineering” of four years of duration from the fourth year of Regular Course until the second year of the Advanced Course was established to offer technological education that will accommodate students to globalization. This program assist our students to enhance knowledge and ability of expertise that they are best at, and to expand understanding of the different technical fields, and to acquire the competence to compound knowledge of the two fields. This educational program got accreditation by the Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (JABEE).