Advanced Course

Advanced Course Goals of learning and education

In Advanced Course, we offer education for technical specialists who are practical engineers with high qualification, who have the ability to fit internationalization, and who have knowledge on interdisciplinary studies, in addition to deep expertise which they specialize in. We also instruct the students to have the spirit of individual self-reliance and the international point of view as well as follows:
1) sufficient capabilities for research and development to link the knowledge of the composite areas
2) basic ability to accommodate themselves flexibly to the internationalization and the advanced information
3) awareness of social and ethical responsibility as an engineer
In order to train students to be engineers devoting themselves to development and research who can contribute to the society in collaboration with others, and we set the goals of learning and education from the following four points:

1. Character formation
We believe the ideal engineer and technician to accomplish his/her mission with awareness of his/her responsibility, based on the wide range of liberal arts. They must be good members to contribute to the society by cultivating a healthy body and spirit. To make these goals achievable, we assist admittees to do as follows:
(1) cultivating rich humanity and healthy mind and body.
(2) understanding the impact and effect of technology on the nature and the society, and becoming conscious of their own responsibility as engineers.

2. Acquisition and applications of scientific techniques
We define the ideal engineer and technician as that who fully understands the scientific and technological theories and principles fundamental to his/her specialties, and who can also explore the boundary area successfully. To make the goals achievable, we assist admittees to acquire as follows:
(1) basic knowledge of mathematics and natural science and ability of logical thinking with utilization of the knowledge.
(2) basic knowledge and ability of the disciplines they surpass.
(3) the ability to understand the technological field different from what they specialize and ability to combine it with the knowledge of the field they surpass
(4) effective techniques through the experiments and practical training.

3. Communication skills
We define the ideal engineer and technician that who can accommodate themselves flexibly to globalization and the advanced information-oriented society and who can give an appropriate expression according to the situation. We assist admittees to acquire the following:.
(1) writing skill in Japanese.
(2) ability of presentation and discussion in Japanese, and of utilization of the information technology,.
(3) basic communication skills to have international currency.

4. Creativity
We value such engineers as tackle problems awaiting solution with initiative and innovative creativity; they also excel in research and development. We assist students to attain following qualification through special studies in Advanced Course:

(1) practical skills to apply the mastered expertise for sake of problem solving.
(2) ingenuity and pragmatic attitude to planning and execution of it for problem solving, and insight to consider and organize the results obtained.

Purposes of education given in each department and academic system

NITKC has a 2-year Advanced Course after the five-year Regular Course. In Advanced Course, students will accumulate further specialized knowledge and techniques on the basis of education provided for five consecutive years in Regular Course, with the aim to foster technical skills as well as high creativity. The purposes of education conducted in each Department are illustrated below:

Advanced course of Mechanical and Electrical  Engineering
Our purpose is to training engineers to acquire capacity for research and development that is adaptable to the advanced technology along with high technical skills in fields of mechanical engineering and electrical and electronic, and ability to integrate expertise in both areas flexibly, .

Advanced course of Control and Information Engineering
Our purpose is to training engineers to master such fundamentals as decision-making technology, software technology, communication technology on the basis of the information processing technology, technology related to control technology and mechatronics technology, as well as creative and practical ability suitable for research and development of control system and information system.

Advanced course of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Our purpose is to training engineers to obtain ability to think and creativity to respond flexibly to high-level issues covering wide areas such as environmental and urban problems which have been becoming socially serious, and to attain skills for research and development so as to correspond to these issues.